Terms and Conditions


1.1 I agree that by signing this agreement as Renter, I hold myself jointly and severally bound and liable with the company I represent to all the terms and conditions herein stipulated and set forth.


2.1 All the stipulations, terms and conditions appearing on both sides of this document are integral parts of this Agreement.

2.2 Amendments of the terms and conditions stipulated in this Agreement shall not be effective unless duly signed by the parties herein.

2.3 This agreement shall be constructed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of the Philippines.


Renter acknowledges and understands that:

3.1 He rents the vehicle described in this document from UFLC Value Plus Rentals Corporation.

3.2 If and when necessary UFLC Value Plus Rentals Corporation may, at its sole discretion, substitute the rented vehicle with another type of vehicle subject to the same terms and conditions.


Renter acknowledges and understands that:

4.1 If and when necessary UFLC Value Plus Rentals Corporation may, at its sole discretion, substitute the chauffeur according to the exigencies of the service.

4.2 The renter shall duly initial the driver’s Daily Accomplishment Report which shall be the basis of all fees pertaining to chauffeur usage.

4.3 As a necessary safety requirement, the chauffeur must be given a break of eight (8) consecutive hours after every sixteen (16) continuous hour of service (to include waiting time).

4.4 The Company expressly prohibits any person other than UFLC Value Plus Rentals Corporation chauffeur from driving the rented car.

4.5 The chauffeur will drive at a reasonable speed according to his judgment of road conditions and traffic at any particular time.


5.1 Renter declares and warrants not to use the vehicle:

a. under the influence of drugs or alcohol

b. in any race or contest

c. to tow or propel trailer or another vehicle

d. to carry more than the normal seating capacity including the driver

e. to carry passenger for pay

f. to carry goods in violation of any law or regulation

g. to carry inflammable or corrosive material or substance

h. for any illegal or unlawful purpose


6.1 Renter agrees and warrants to return the vehicle to UFLC Value Plus Rentals Corporation.

a. At the location, on the date, and at the time specified and stipulated in this Agreement or the extension thereof.

b. A daily service fee shall be charged on overdue rentals until proper extension is made.

6.2 UFLC Value Plus Rentals Corporation has the option in the matter of extending the rental period or the replacement of the rented vehicle and to demand the return of the vehicle.

6.3 UFLC Value Plus Rentals Corporation may terminate this Agreement and repossess the rented vehicle without any need for court order when:

a. The renter fails to return the vehicle as herein provided;

b. The renter has breached this Agreement;

c. Damage to the vehicle or injury to persons are likely occur

d. The Vehicle is used to accomplish illegal and unlawful acts or to disturb peace and order.

6.4 In the event this Agreement is terminated for causes above enumerated or for other causes, the Renter hereby agrees to pay all costs and charges already incurred prior to the said termination.


7.1 The word “damage” includes liability to third parties, loss or damage to the rented vehicle, its tires (including spare) tools, accessories and equipment and all costs and expenses arising from or in connection with such damage.

7.2 Damage to the vehicle

a. Renter is liable to UFLC Value Plus Rentals Corporationfor a damage participation as indicated in the front page.

b. The Renter shall be liable for the full cost of the damage to the car or to the property or a third party of for the bodily injured suffered by a third party, under the following circumstances:

a. If the car is driven in violation of this agreement and any misrepresentation.

b. If the damage is to the underbody of the car.

c. If the damage to the car is caused by or traceable to having been driven thru floods.

In case of accident, the Renter shall pay for the number of days he used the car before the accident and shall deposit a sum equivalent to 3 days rental for the car.
Said accident deposit shall be refunded if within three (3) days from accident he submits the necessary police report and photocopy of driver’s license.

7.3 Liabilities to Third Parties

a. The Renter participates as an insured in a standard motor vehicle insurance policy, issued under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines copy of which policy is available for inspection by the Renter. The said insurance policy covers third party liability for death and physical injuries and property damage only up to the extent of P100,000, it is hereby agreed and understood that liabilities and damages in excess of the aforementioned limit shall be for the account of the Renter.

b. In case of accident, the Renter agree to protect the interest of Value Plus Rentals Corporation and the insurance company compared by

b.1 obtaining the names and addresses of the parties involved in and the witnesses to the accident.

b.2 not admitting guilt or any liability.

b.3 not making or giving any offer, promise of payment, settlement, waiver, release or indemnity.

b.4 not abandoning the vehicle without its adequate protection or security.
b.5 notifying the police immediately.

7.4 Liability under 7.3 (a) is not covered by the insurance policy mentioned in the paragraph.

a. where the Renter is entitled to indemnity under another insurance policy or

b. where the Renter is liable for damage to vehicle under 7.2 (a)

7.5 Loss of accessories and others due to theft.

Loss of vehicle accessories, tools, equipment, tires or parts due to plain theft is not covered by CDW cover mentioned in paragraph 7.2 (b) and renter shall indemnity Value Plus Rentals Corporation for any such loss.

7.6 Liability of Value Plus Rentals Corporation

a. Value Plus Rentals Corporation while taking all precautions and using its best efforts to prevent such happening shall not be liable for mechanical failure of said vehicle or consequential damages. The Renter shall not make any claim for damage against Value Plus Rentals Corporation for delay through breakdown or accident and that the Renter shall not authorize anybody to repair and or change parts of the car without the prior knowledge and written approval of Value Plus Rentals Corporation.

b. Value Plus Rentals Corporation is not liable to any person for any property left in the vehicle after the return to Value Plus Rentals Corporation.

7.7 Loss of Vehicle

In case the vehicle is stolen the Renter agrees to pay UFLC Value Plus Rental Corporation liquidated damages equal to one (1) month rent.


Where use of a Vehicle by Renter results in any claim, accident, damage or loss, Renter/Driver.

8.1 will report such incident in writing to Value Plus Rentals Corporation within twenty-four (24) hours after the event.

8.2 will give to Value Plus Rentals Corporation a photocopy of driver’s license together with related Official Receipt.

8.3 If a foreigner will give a photocopy of the passport page with

a. photo of the owner

b. validity of the passport

c. date of last entry to the Philippines


Renter agrees to pay UFLC Value Plus Rentals Corporation

a. charges in accordance with this agreement consistent with the application rates at the time of commencement of this rental.

b. All money for which Renter is liable to UFLC Value Plus Rentals Corporation under this agreement.

c. 3% interest, penalty and handling charges per month on the amount due should renter fail to pay the obligation upon the expiration of this Agreement.

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